• You’d think a stroke would put you on the sidelines. But not Amber Poliquin.


    Just under two years post-stroke, Amber will run a 120 mile ultramarathon with the goal of raising $1,000 for every mile run.


    And she needs your help to do it.

    RACE DATE: AUGUST 7-9, 2020!

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  • Photo credit: Gary Poliquin

    The Poliquin Family: Gary, Amber, Chris, Lauren and Megan.

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    Strides for Stroke is a community based initiative to raise $120,000 in support of research to develop a rapid blood test for stroke.


    Strides for Stroke was initiated in 2018 by stroke survivor, Amber Poliquin in partnership with the University Hospital Foundation. In 2017, Amber was a 39 year old ultra-runner, teacher, and mother of three when she suffered a stroke, and lost her left peripheral vision. Determined to help other stroke patients avoid disability and death, Amber pledged to raise $1,000 per mile of the 120 mile Fat Dog Ultra race that she will run in 2019.


    To date, Strides for Stroke has raised over $12,000 to support stroke research. Dr. Glen Jickling, a neurologist at the University of Alberta Hospital, is developing a blood test that can determine in minutes if a person is having a stroke. This test could be a game changing diagnostic tool allowing for accurate and rapid diagnosis, and lifesaving treatment.


    In 2019 Strides for Stroke is organizing six initiatives around the revised acronym for stroke, BEFAST - Balance, Eyes, Face, Arms, Speech, Time to call. The goals of the 2019 campaign are to bring awareness to BEFAST and raise the remaining $108,000 to support Dr. Jickling’s game changing research.


    With your support, and this incredible goal of mine to run 120 miles, we could save and change millions of lives.


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